‘Saw XI’ will be an ‘angry’ movie with ‘something new to say’
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‘Saw XI’ will be an ‘angry’ movie with ‘something new to say’

If it’s Halloween, it has to be this way Saw. Unfortunately, the series will not return to theaters in the upcoming Halloween season, but in a new sequel I saw XI is heading our way for Halloween 2025.

Games are coming back to cinemas September 26, 2025With I saw X director Kevin Greutert returns to direct the upcoming I saw XI. A fellow franchisee Marcus Dunstan (Collector, all my friends are dead) co-wrote the screenplay, and in a new chat with Screen Rant this week, Dunstan teases that the new “angry” movie has something new to say.

Dunstan tells the website: “We are writing XI now, and Kevin Greutert returns to direct.” He continues, “It’s one where he has something new to say and he’s angry

Last years I saw X brought both Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) and Amanda (Shawnee Smith) back for the sequel, cleverly set between the original film and its first sequel. The return of the series was a huge hit for Lionsgate, generating $111 million in worldwide box office receipts.

There’s no word on the plot yet I saw XIand whether it will be a continuation of the events of I saw X or jump to another place in the timeline again. Stay tuned as we find out.

Marcus Dunstan has been a long-time mainstay of the series, having previously written I saw IV, I saw V, I saw VI AND I saw 3D. Directed by Kevin Greutert I’ve seen VI, I’ve seen 3D AND I saw X.

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