Phulki: Phulki’s suspicions towards Rudra are increasing
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Phulki: Phulki’s suspicions towards Rudra are increasing

In ‘Phulki’, Phulki helps Rohit clear his name in front of sports minister and Roy Chowdhury’s family, suspecting Rudra in… Read more

‘Phulki’ is keeping up with the chapter on restoring Rohit’s reputation in the boxing ring. As per the current track of the show, Rohit took Phulki to Delhi where his past lies. Rohit became emotional as he recalled the trauma he endured in the national capital. There he was accused of taking prohibited drugs and thrown out of the boxing ring. Phulki promised that she would do everything in her power to prove that Rohit had never taken these drugs. Phulki came up with a plan to lure the culprits and successfully implemented it. When Phulki informed the police and with enough evidence, everyone believed that Rohit was never looking for banned drugs. At the Delhi Boxing Association conference, the sports minister absolved Rohit of all the charges leveled against him in the past. Phulki stayed by Rohit’s side as she saw Rohit regain his lost reputation.

Roy Chowdhury’s family members were happy and emotional to see Rohit regaining his former glory. Since Rohit had already been proven innocent of the crimes he was accused of, Phulki focused on finding the culprit who framed Rohit. Phulki was initially suspicious of Rudra but did not have enough evidence to prove it. However, her intuition grows with each passing day as she notices Rudra’s actions. Will Phulki be able to prove Rudra guilty?

The story of ‘Phulka’ aims to narrate the journey of a women’s boxer and how she deals with the ups and downs in life, trained by her mentor, and emerges victorious. Actress Divyani Mondal plays the title role of ‘Phulka’. ‘Netaji’ actor Abhishek Bose plays the role of the main character Rohit. Sharly Modak plays the antagonist Shalini, Rohit’s ex-wife. “Phulki” is a passionate love story of a bright and mentally strong girl from a disadvantaged situation and a former boxer who tries to deal with the trauma of shame and the burden of responsibility for the death of his brother from the past.

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