Has Amazon reached a tipping point?
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Has Amazon reached a tipping point?

Consumer news has featured some impressive stats for the mega-retailer Amazon (US: AMZN) : More products are shipped using Amazon Prime than using free Super Saver Shipping.

While this may seem insignificant at first glance, the implications are serious. Amazon Prime is a membership service and investors should never underestimate the value of recurring revenue and repeat customers that membership provides.

Not only that, the average purchase made by Amazon Prime members is $49.23, well above the $25 minimum that consumers must spend for Super Saver Shipping. In many cases, this means making a conscious decision to choose Amazon Prime over Super Saver Shipping. In return, consumers are rewarded with streaming videos, which creates competition for them Netflix (US: NFLX) and builds a strong position in the entire Internet industry.

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