Kemah’s ordinance keeps sex offenders away from children
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Kemah’s ordinance keeps sex offenders away from children

KEMAH, TexasSex offenders seeking to live in Kemah face new restrictions. In an effort to protect children, the city council voted unanimously to update a law that determines how close sex offenders can live to places where children congregate.

Kemah City Council members have decided to double the distance that registered sex offenders can live near places where children congregate. In their agenda, councils say the change will help police by preventing sex offenders from having access to children. Last month, the city council passed a new ordinance limiting where sex offenders can live.

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“And an ordinance by the city council of the city of Kemah, Texas, requiring the adoption of an ordinance restricting sex offenders from residing within the city limits of Kemah,” said Kemah Mayor Robin Collins.

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Until recently, registered sex offenders had to live at least 500 feet from schools, parks and places where children congregated. Now this distance has been doubled to 300 meters to protect children.

A soccer field is about 300 feet long, so 1,000 feet is more than three soccer fields.

Now, homeowners who allow sex offenders to live on their properties could also face fines under the new ordinance. Kemah’s ordinance does not apply to registered sex offenders who already live in the thousand-foot zone.