Hope confesses her feelings for Finn
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Hope confesses her feelings for Finn

Right after Hope’s fantastic kiss with Finn comes a bombshell confession that could change everything at Forrester Creations If one Bold and beautiful the character sees the writing on the wall!

After decades of fighting over Liam, it seemed like Hope and Steffy were no longer in love with the same man, but Hope’s bra-ripping dream about Steffy’s husband, Finn, proves that may not be true at all.
Hope and Finn kiss BB

Hope was determined that after leaving Liam and experiencing what it was like to have the love of a man who was solely devoted to her, she would not return, but her heart, or at least her libido, did not return. note.

After many massage sessions with Finn and his talented hands, it became clear that if Hope had the chance to see Dr. Feelgood, she wouldn’t offer migraine headaches as an excuse. Of course she will try to resist forbidden feelings; who would willingly return to this particular type of lion’s den? But as they say, the heart wants what it wants, and it may be too much to say no to.

In fact, Bold and beautiful spoilers tell us that Hope will make a shocking confession in the coming days, and this could only mean that she will confide in someone about her growing feelings for Finn. This someone? Her mother, Brooke.

Brooke has plenty of experience with this kind of messy weaving, so you can expect the writing to be on the wall right away. With Hope’s line in a precarious position at Forrester Creations, any whiff of her daughter Steffy wanting a husband will throw her out of the frying pan and into the proverbial fire!

We fully expect this to trigger Brooke’s defensive instincts, which could prompt her to do something that will change everything for Forrester.

What will she do? Well, he’ll reconsider and accept Ridge’s offer to take over as co-CEO with Steffy… to protect Hope from the consequences that will undoubtedly await her with this new arrangement.
Thorsten Kaye and Katherine Kelly Lang

We all wanted Steffy to get out of her terrifying threesome with Finn, but it seems like she’s doomed to fall into the same situation over and over again. It all sounds like drama, chaos, not to mention déjà vu to us!

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