Gold Smuggling: Pregnant Airmen Arrested for Smuggling Gold Worth Rs 19 Crore |  Mumbai News
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Gold Smuggling: Pregnant Airmen Arrested for Smuggling Gold Worth Rs 19 Crore | Mumbai News

Mumbai: Two women from Nairobi were arrested on Monday for smuggling 33 kg of gold bars worth Rs 19 crore. The gold was hidden in their underwear and luggage, said officials of the Customs Air Intelligence Unit.
This is one of the biggest seizures of gold from airline passengers arriving in Mumbai this year, customs officials said. Both took place separately, although both are part of the same thing gold smuggling syndicate, officials say.
The emerging trend of gold smugglers using foreign women to smuggle gold is disturbing, customs officials said.
In the first case, AIU officials questioned passenger Anzal Abdi Kala (26), who was passing through the green channel, about carrying any dutiable goods, to which she replied in the negative. The officers, with the help of female officers, conducted a personal search and discovered eight pieces of yellow metal in her underwear and a bag containing four bags containing 20 pieces of yellow metal wrapped in adhesive tape. After unpacking, they found 28 gold pieces weighing 11.308 kg and worth Rs 6.60 crore.
Similarly, passenger Saida Hussein (24), who arrived on the same flight, was found to have 61 pieces of yellow metal cleverly hidden with adhesive tape in her luggage. The total weight of the confiscated gold is around 21.48 kg and is worth Rs 12.54 crore.
Both were booked under various provisions of the Customs Act, produced before the Customs Court and placed in judicial custody.
During the initial investigation, both denied that the gold belonged to them. Advocate Prabhakar Tripathi, on behalf of Kala, said, “My client is eight months pregnant. Why would she allow herself to do something bad, knowing that she would be giving birth in a month or so. She was falsely implicated. Saida asked her to carry her luggage and in order to help her, she became a scapegoat.”
Advocate Vijay Adwani from Saida also claimed that his client was falsely accused as 20 kg of gold cannot be carried on the body.

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