“It’s absurd what we’ve been through.”
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“It’s absurd what we’ve been through.”

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts notoriously didn’t get along during the filming of Charles Shyer’s 1994 romantic comedy “I Love Trouble,” about two rival newspaper reporters forced to meet to investigate a train derailment. Roberts was halfway through filming when, in December 1993, while promoting “The Pelican Brief,” she told The New York Times that Nolte was “absolutely disgusting” on set.

“From the moment I met him, we kind of gave each other trouble and naturally got on each other’s nerves,” Roberts said when asked about Nolte’s reputation for being crude on set. “(While he may be) completely charming and very nice, he is also completely disgusting. He’s going to hate me for saying this, but it seems like he’s doing everything he can to scare people away. He is a kicker.”

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Nolte gave a new interview to Insider to promote his role as a homeless Vietnam veteran in the film “Rittenhouse Square” and was asked to reflect on the “behind the scenes drama” that took place with Roberts. The actor said he has never been in contact with Roberts since production ended, but maintains there is still no dispute between the actors.

“No, I didn’t do it. Even though it’s buried,” Nolte replied when asked if they had both “buried the hatchet.” “I mean, it was ridiculous what we went through. It was partly my fault and partly hers. Julia got married at the beginning of this movie and it was one of those things where I just went about it the wrong way.

“I Love Trouble” was widely rejected by critics upon its release, including: Diversity in his review he wrote that “it seems to be lacking in wit and inspiration” and that the film is “fairly entertaining, but not very gripping”.

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