Michael Mosley’s revelation about his father’s future left him worried about the future
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Michael Mosley’s revelation about his father’s future left him worried about the future

Dr Michael Mosley previously said a “historical warning” at his father’s funeral left him fearful for the future. A famous TV star was found dead at the age of 67 over the weekend after an extensive search on the Greek island of Symi.

She was reported missing on Wednesday during a raging Mediterranean heatwave. He was last seen going for a walk. Dr Mosley was found dead on Sunday in a rocky area near Agia Marina beach.

He was renowned for presenting numerous health care science programs and films in the UK, often using his own body for experimental purposes. Just months before his tragic death, he revealed that his motivation to stay healthy was rooted in the death of his own father.

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In 2016, Dr. Mosley also reflected on the loss of his dad, who developed diabetes at the age of 50. His father died of “unrelated heart failure several years after surgery” to remove his prostate after a blood test showed elevated PSA levels.

When asked if his father’s death inspired him to carry out numerous experiments, Dr. Mosley replied: “Yes, without a doubt,” reports the Irish Mirror.

“Especially his funeral. “His friends were saying how much I was like him, so it was kind of a warning story,” he told The Guardian. “I generally believe that genetics are not fate and something can be done about it.” He said no man in his family “was over the age of 72.”

Dr. Mosley shared his belief that he was “much healthier” than his father because he “didn’t follow the same path as him.” The TV doctor explained earlier this year that his quest to maintain good health was rooted in the untimely death of his own father, lamenting that his dad “didn’t get to see his grandchildren grow up.”