Ben Shapiro mocked for whining about New York Democrats not committing to banning crime
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Ben Shapiro mocked for whining about New York Democrats not committing to banning crime

During a primary debate, Democratic candidates for mayor of New York were asked what they would ban if elected.

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro was roundly mocked on Twitter after pointing out that neither candidate had said they would ban crime, which is already illegal.

“No one particularly talked about crime,” Mr. Shapiro said. tweeted Friday and included a preview of the candidates’ answers, which ranged from sugary drinks and junk food in school lunches to neighborhoods without parks and health care deserts.

Historian Kevin Kruse tweeted: “I was pretty sure this ridiculous tweet had to be a photoshopped parody, but no, it’s there on his timeline. Thank you, Ben Shapiro, for having the courage to demand that we finally start banning crimes.

“Yo Ben Shapiro bro, for a guy who claims to hate socialism, you really like being public property,” Jeff Tiedrich added.

Television writer Rick Rosner wrote: “Ben Shapiro doesn’t see the point in banning junk food, because when you’re the size of an eight-year-old boy, you can pretty much eat whatever you want.”

Professor of Media Studies and Urban Education at Temple University, Marc Lamont Hill, request: “Because crime, by definition, is already prohibited. You know that, don’t you?

Writer Kelly Scaletta added: “The competition is tough, but Ben Shapiro may be the stupidest person to ever graduate from Harvard.”

“I agree with Ben. We should commit crimes against the law,” one Twitter user said. wrote sarcastically.

Nima Shirazi tweeted: “Notably, the crime is already illegal. This intellectual power continues to impress.

“I came here because I saw a screenshot of this tweet and thought it was fake, but damn, you actually tweeted that,” another account holder replied.

Comedian James Felton replied: “Crime is already forbidden, you tart. That’s the crime.

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