CPI(M) expels city councilor Pal from the party
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CPI(M) expels city councilor Pal from the party

In a significant development, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) on Tuesday expelled Binu Pulikkakandam, a municipal councilor in Pala, from the party.

The expulsion of Mr Pulikkakandam, a staunch critic of the Kerala Congress (M) (KC(M)), also marks the culmination of a long hostile episode within the Left Democratic Front (LDF) in Pala. Announcing his expulsion from the CPI(M) core team, Prime Minister Joseph, secretary of the CPI(M) Pala district committee, attributed the action to “violation of party discipline and anti-left approach” by the councilor.

KC(M) denies role

Interestingly, the disciplinary proceedings were initiated a day after Pulikkakandam launched a tirade against Central Committee (M) president Jose K. Mani for shifting the Rajya Sabha to parliamentary politics instead of contesting elections. However, the KC(M) leadership denied any involvement in the action against Mr. Pulikkakandam.

“We have not yet lodged any complaint with the CPI(M) regarding these remarks. This action against him is related to other issues and the Central Committee(M) has no role in it,” the party leader said.

In the 26-member Pala city council, the KC(M) has 10 members and the CPI(M) has five, including four independents. The only remaining member of the LDF belongs to the Communist Party of India (CPI). Although he was the only councilor to win under the party symbol, Pulikkakandam was denied the chance to become the first municipal president of the CPI(M) in the 75-year history of Pala municipality due to objections raised by the Central Committee of the Central Committee (M).

Since its “improbable” victory in the Pala Assembly segment in 2019 through Mani C. Kappan, the LDF has always had aspirations for the Pala region and has maintained momentum through systematic grassroots work. Although Mr. Kappan later left the alliance and was re-elected as a candidate of the United Democratic Front, the Left coalition strengthened its position in the region by adding the KC(M) to its membership, which helped it win several local bodies, including Pala Municipality and several others seats of the Congregation in the region.

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