This Bugs Burger from China left the internet in disgust
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This Bugs Burger from China left the internet in disgust

A viral burger full of scary worms in sauces and spices has caught the attention of Internet users. The Chinese Bugs Burger is… Read more
Who doesn’t like eating huge and meaty burgers? But what if we told you that this viral burger is full of creepy crawlies thrown into the sauces and spices. Well, the thought of eating worms as a burger may make you feel disgusted, but did you know that this Chinese burger has caught the attention of Internet users? Here’s everything you need to know about this strange pairing.

Viral burger
Social media has become a culinary playground with thousands of fusion recipes and ideas for people to try anything and everything. Once such a strange culinary fusion is the Chinese Bugs Burger, which caused a stir on the Internet with its terrifying appearance.

Strange video
A strange video was uploaded to the Instagram page ‘Eaters Cn’ in which a Chinese man was seen enjoying a burger filled with insects, leaving netizens disgusted. The viral video shows a man sitting with two plain rolls and a bowl full of what looked like roasted worms on the table. He then uses two bun halves to pick out the insects and fill them to form a burger.

What shocked Internet users
The man was seen being full and satisfied with his meal, which contained so many creepy crawlies in the buns that the clip was titled “Chinese Food.” This isn’t the first time that fusion food has left netizens baffled, as some expressed fury over the disgusting food while others joked about the bizarre food, commenting, “They’ll start eating each other soon.” Another user commented: “Bro this is so disgusting.”

Is it safe to eat worms?
In some cuisines, bugs and worms are part of the culinary culture, even according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) some insects are safe for human consumption as long as they are raised and prepared under controlled conditions.

Insects are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, making them a nutritious and sustainable food source. The FDA has established guidelines for the safe production and consumption of insects as food, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and quality control measures.

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