Watch: Dramatic scenes at the Spanish University of Seville as police forcibly remove students protesting against Israel’s war in Gaza
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Watch: Dramatic scenes at the Spanish University of Seville as police forcibly remove students protesting against Israel’s war in Gaza

STUDENTS of Spain’s University of Seville have condemned being physically attacked by Policia Nacional officers in the early hours of Tuesday morning as they suppressed a pro-Palestinian protest in one of the university’s deaneries.

Dramatic footage of the incident shows officers in full riot gear trying to gain entry to the premises through doors, while protesters do what they can to stop them from entering.

Using a baton, one of the officers sends a cell phone recording the scene falling to the ground.

Another video shows an officer struggling on the floor with one of the protesting students, and an off-camera voice can be heard shouting: “He’s been cut up! He was cut!”

The video shows blood on the arm of a protester fighting with police.

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On Monday afternoon, students locked themselves in one of the deaneries of an Andalusian university, demanding that the dean of the university “break the silence and listen to the voice of the student community that does not want to accept the university’s complicity with genocide” – in the comments of the Spanish daily El Diario.

Police also broke up a protest camp that had been established a month ago in another part of the university to protest against Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas atrocities on October 7, 2023.

An injured student is treated by a riot officer
An injured student is treated by a riot officer. Source: X (USA for Palestine)

The university’s dean, Miguel Angel Castro Arroyo, defended the police’s actions and expressed gratitude to them, saying they intervened following his request.

Activists, he said, “have intensified their hostility and aggressiveness in recent days, increasing the indignation of our environment and the difficulties in developing academic activities at this time of the academic year, which are of particular importance and transcendence” for our student community.

Meanwhile, protesters issued a statement claiming that “the rector would rather see students bleed and attack them than break off relations with Israel.”

They have called a demonstration for today, Tuesday, at 12:00 to protest against what they call “police repression” against a “peaceful” demonstration.

Politicians from left-wing parties also sharply criticized the dean’s actions and demanded explanations from Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska, under whose authority Policia Nacional operates.

“We cannot allow the peaceful mobilization of our youth to be met with brutal beatings,” said Alejandra Durán, a politician from the Por Andalucia party.

Last month, a series of protests broke out at Spanish universities against Israeli attacks in Gaza, in cities including Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.