Hapeville officer arrested for scalding inmate was on probation for allegedly assaulting teenager – 95.5 WSB
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Hapeville officer arrested for scalding inmate was on probation for allegedly assaulting teenager – 95.5 WSB

HAPEVILLE, Ga. — A Hapeville officer accused of repeatedly tasing an inmate without probable cause was on probation with a state agency that certifies peace officers.

The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board has placed Shevoy Brown on probation for two years after allegedly attacking the teenager while he was working for the Clayton County Police.

Brown denies the allegations and, the report said, a grand jury declined to indict him. Brown resigned while an internal affairs investigation was ongoing.

He later went to work for the Hapeville Police Department.

The incident that occurred prompted the department to relieve him of his duties pending an investigation.

Brown is accused of punching Robert Martin Jr. multiple times. after arrest.

Marvin Long is Martin’s friend.

He heard about the allegations and what he heard disturbed him.

“How can you protect people and do something like this to him,” he told Jones.

It all started on June 3, when Officer Brown was called to the unit at an apartment on Sims Street. Iesha George lives on the ward and says Martin lived there too.

“All I know is that he was moved out of those apartments because they didn’t want him on the property,” George said.

Officers who arrived at police headquarters say body camera footage shows Brown using a stun gun on Martin several times without justifiable reason. Investigators say Brown tased Martin, left his cell, then returned and tased him multiple times all over his body, causing him to fall to the floor.

Medical staff examined Martin.

Brown was arrested and charged with breach of oath and two counts of battery and given a $15,000 bond.

Long says Brown deserves to stay behind bars.

“Sure. Arrest an officer for doing things like that?” Długi asked.

George wondered what the officer was thinking.

“That sounds crazy,” he said.

George says police need to better monitor their officers.

“Any officer or guard should not just be able to go into a cell if they want and do whatever they want,” George said.

Hapeville police called in the GBI to investigate. But Hapeville says the use of force clearly exceeded department guidelines.

Jones called Brown to give his side of the story, but someone hung up on him when he identified himself.

POST placed Brown on probation after he was hired by Hapeville.