Disgusting!  YouTube video shows Ghaziabad player ‘Kuwari Begum’ teaching young followers ‘How to sexually abuse children’
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Disgusting! YouTube video shows Ghaziabad player ‘Kuwari Begum’ teaching young followers ‘How to sexually abuse children’

The woman, identified as Shikha Metray from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, was seen in a video streamed live on YouTube teaching her followers (mostly young people) “how to sexually abuse infants.”

In the video, ‘Kuwari Begum’ appears to be reading a request from one of his followers, who apparently asked about various masturbation tricks. “Identify the newborn first. Tell her mom I want to take him to play. Then you just have to take your child and do something. If I had L**d, I would try this. Wao!” – Metray replied to the question asked by her observer.

Watch the video here:

Metray claims to be a YouTube gamer and runs the “Kuwari Begum” channel, but was reported to have posted sexual, offensive and dark content on her social media accounts under the guise of being a YouTuber that may not have been appropriate for young adults.

If reports are to be believed, this woman’s entire channel is full of pornographic content. Metray, as per reports, is a NIFT graduate

According to reports, following the backlash, Metray has decided to make her YouTube profile private so that no one can now access her content and delve deeper into the type of videos she creates. Apart from this, her social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram are also not available.

However, user X appeared to have checked her background in time to reveal what her YouTube page looked like before she made her account private.

User X @Gagan_772, referring the matter to X in the post, said: “I checked her entire channel, it was dedicated to P*rn and sexual stuff, but no games. When it’s a gaming channel playing Valorant. Like it’s fine for a girl to talk about all these things, but if a guy talks about all these things, he goes to jail.”

“Please don’t make jokes about rapping* a baby and making it look very normal. This is beyond normal and there is nothing you can explain to defend yourself. And how do you manage in this gaming community while doing all this?”

As the video began circulating on social media, X netizens tagged the police in their comments and demanded Metray’s arrest.

“Please arrest her ASAP,” wrote user X @iam_mukulsingh.

“Madam, please don’t stop until she’s arrested. Keep us updated,” said another.

“Oh my god… You are dead, arrest kro jitna jaldi possible ho. Otherwise you will be kai zindagiya le jayegi apne saath,” wrote @Storytellerrr_.

Posted: Tue, Jun 11, 2024 6:16 PM EST