An Xbox handheld is all but confirmed as it targets the Steam Deck
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An Xbox handheld is all but confirmed as it targets the Steam Deck

Ongoing speculation about a Xbox Handheld recently came to a head after Phil Spencer all but confirmed the existence of one. But is pushing a rival Steam Deck the right thing to do, especially when Xbox is already losing the console war by a landslide?

While Microsoft will have the resources to create what should be one of the best portable gaming PCs for its Xbox brand, many competitors have held similar positions and still don’t come close to beating Valve’s portable.

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Interviewed by IGN, Spencer was asked about his belief that Xbox should “go where the gamers are” and immediately responded, “so we should have a handheld?” » anticipating where the line of questioning was headed.

After this unexpected remark, interviewer Ryan McCaffrey responded with “I think so.” Spencer was quick to agree again, saying “I think so too.” While not officially confirming a handheld outright, Spencer said that may be a question for Sarah Bond, the president of Xbox, before claiming that “the future for us (Xbox) in terms of hardware is pretty awesome.”

While this appears to be the strongest indication yet of an Xbox handheld coming, questions will be asked about whether entering a new hardware market is smart, given that Xbox hands down losing its current battle with the PS5, with the Xbox Series X/S. being oversold nearly 5:1 in the first quarter of 2024, based on figures provided by Daniel Ahmad on X (formerly Twitter).

Sony itself attempted to enter the handheld market, but with a device that functions solely as a Remote Play extension of the PS5, which ultimately led to mixed reviews. Xbox can learn from this, but until we know exactly what its intentions are and how the handheld is designed, it’s still a complete guessing game.

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