This is how the investigation into suspect 007 begins
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This is how the investigation into suspect 007 begins

Over the last few years Espionage matters — real or perceived — includes Chinese and American nationals. Moreover, Washington and Beijing have entered the global competition without any problems, and both superpowers have regained the role of their 007 agents. America However, there is a story that is at least sensational: a case – the first of its kind – in which charges were brought against the United States Department of Justice. Chinese citizen Because used drone And for taking photos Shipyard Virginia. Not just any construction site, as the United States Navy gathered at this structure Nuclear submarines classified.

Drones, espionage and nuclear submarines

The whole story was reconstructed by the press Wire. January 5 last year, e.g Fengyun Shi He flew to Virginia on vacation from the University of Minnesota. Shi’s academic research department uses artificial intelligence to detect symptoms of crop diseases in photos. However, at that time, the subject matter Shea photographed was associated with something new: local shipyards. The achievement is the same as the production of the latest generation of aircraft carriers Marina USA Even nuclear-powered submarines.

At least that’s what the reconstruction showsFBI. Indeed, a security officer at the shipyard apparently noticed Xi’s oddity and alerted the Naval Investigative Service. According to prosecutors, on January 6, the teacher flew a drone which, due to bad weather, got stuck in a tree in a private house located nearby.

When Xi sought help from the homeowner and retrieved the drone, he was asked about his citizenship and purpose of being in the area. The resident, whose name was not released, later called Shi, who photographed his license plate and ID. Everything indicates that the Chinese citizen left the plane.

Suspicious photos

When the FBI recovered the drone and extracted photos from its memory card, they discovered photos taken at a naval shipyard. Newport News Shipyard to me BAE systems. As if that wasn’t enough, on the day Shi took the photos, the Newport News Navy Yard was working on Virginia-class aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. “Naval aircraft carriers are equipped with secret and sensitive systems. Even the nuclear submarines that existed at the time contain top-secret and sensitive information about the Navy’s nuclear propulsion, and these submarines are sensitive and secret even during the design and construction stages.“The statement says.

The Justice Department charged Xi with six misdemeanors under the Espionage Act under two statutes: one prohibiting photography of strategic military installations and the other prohibiting the use of aircraft for that purpose. Each offense is punishable by up to one year in prison upon conviction. While awaiting trial, Shi must live in Virginia while on probation. Court documents show he was forced to surrender his passport and apparently needed a translator.

The most interesting aspect of the whole story is that Shi is absent

Taken under any law relating to the collection of intelligence for a foreign government. Best of all, he wasn’t accused of espionage. The only crime he committed was taking photos from a drone.