Actor Michael Rainey Jr.  says he is in shock after being allegedly groped during a live broadcast
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Actor Michael Rainey Jr. says he is in shock after being allegedly groped during a live broadcast

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Actor Michael Rainey Jr. said he is “still in shock” and trying to process the incident on social media personality Tylil James’s livestream, during which James’ sister allegedly groped Rainey on camera, prompting James to apologize and Rainey condemning the assault regardless sexual. gender.

Key facts

A clip from Sunday’s livestream hosted by Twitch streamer Tylil James – who has about 130,000 followers on the streaming platform – went viral on social media on Monday and appears to show James’ sister on camera groping actor Michael Rainey Jr. in the company of at least seven other people. people are present, including children.

One clip from the event, which shows Rainey visibly uncomfortable when James’ sister walks into the frame and appears to touch him, has over 31 million views on X and has been liked over 124,000 times.

Later in the broadcast, James, now alone and speaking directly to camera, said that his sister had never “seen anyone of her caliber” before, referring to Rainey’s status as a star, adding that he wouldn’t have said anything bad about his sister if it weren’t for the situation drove him “crazy”.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with many angry users defending Rainey and calling for male sexual assault to be taken more seriously.

James sent a statement to X on Monday afternoon apologizing to Rainey and his family, calling his sister’s actions “completely inappropriate and inappropriate” and stating that she will no longer appear on his live broadcasts.

On Monday night, Rainey posted a statement to his more than 3.3 million Instagram followers saying he does not condone the “unfortunate” situation and that “sexual assault is never okay, regardless of gender or status.”

Key quote

“At this point, everyone has seen the video circulating on the Internet. I’m still in shock and don’t know how to fully process what happened last night. This is an unfortunate situation that I do not condone in any way. I can’t take this lightly because I know I would be in real trouble if the roles were reversed,” Rainey said on his Instagram Story. “We are all human and we should respect each other. Most importantly, we should always respect ourselves.”

Key background

Rainey, 23, is an actor best known for his roles on the Starz series “Power” and “Power Book II: Ghost.” James is known for his social media presence – he has over 230,000 followers on Instagram and regularly hosts “The Tylil Show” on Twitch – as well as his friendship with popular social media personality Kai Cenat, one of the most followed Twitch creators.

A surprising fact

According to Complex, rapper 50 Cent, the executive producer of “Power,” appeared to make light of the alleged groping in a now-deleted Instagram post. The rapper reportedly posted a screenshot of a TMZ article about Rainey and wrote in the caption, “Wait, sexual assault 😟 from a man’s point of view it was an aggressive attack. LOL, he’s fine, no charges have been filed against him. According to screenshots published by Complex, several commenters rejected the rapper’s caption, accusing him of downplaying the situation and stating that victims of sexual assault should be taken more seriously.

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