Brother of man allegedly shot by activist in downtown Spokane speaks out |  Spokane News
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Brother of man allegedly shot by activist in downtown Spokane speaks out | Spokane News

SPOKANE, Wash – Eric Kessler said his life will never be the same after police say his brother, 47-year-old Thomas Hatch, was allegedly shot by 36-year-old Hoyt Webb in downtown Spokane on Friday .

“It’s too real, too fresh and it really hurts,” Kessler said.

Kessler described his half-brother as a man with a big heart who had struggled with addiction and had been homeless for about a year. “It’s more than just an addiction. It’s more of a disease.”

Kessler said he saw the video Webb posted online and described it as heartbreaking: “I heard the slide hammer swing back. I paused the video for a second, regained my senses, and then pressed play.”

Kessler believed Webb’s actions were calculated and “he went down to get someone involved.”

He added that Webb had the opportunity to leave but chose not to: “He had a choice: turn off the phone, turn around and walk away. They would leave him alone and that would be the end.”

Kessler told NonStop Local that he often visits his brother in the ICU. On Monday, doctors told Kessler his vital signs were normal, but he was by no means on the mend. He said he was talking to Hatch while sitting at his bedside. Even though Hatch cannot speak, he takes comfort in knowing that his little brother can hear him.

“Fight until you have nothing left, but if you have to go, no problem.”

Kessler said he will be present every step of the legal process. “Burn my face into your memory. I will be at every court hearing, I will observe, I will make sure this does not go unnoticed.”

Webb’s bail is set at $75,000, which Kessler said wasn’t enough, but he said he had one goal: to get justice: “You’re evil. You went out looking for your 15 minutes of fame… Now you’re out to get more than 15 minutes of fame.”