Comedians-turned-heroes don’t make you laugh – News
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Comedians-turned-heroes don’t make you laugh – News

A recent spate of mishaps involving comedians-turned-heroes in Telugu cinema has sparked a debate on the feasibility of this trend. Some see it as a natural progression for talented actors, others say audiences are simply not open to this change.

The fall of a comic book hero:

Suhas’ recent film ‘Prasanna Vadhanam’ failed to make an impact at the box office after the disappointing performance of his previous film ‘Ambajipeta Marriage Band’. Similarly, Getup Sreenu’s upcoming film ‘Raju Yadav’ faces an uphill battle in a market seemingly tired of comedian films. Even the much-hyped ‘Sundaram Master’ starring Viva Harsha failed to impress. To make matters worse, Allari Naresh’s Aa Okkati Adakku failed to impress.

Director Teja attributes this decline to the changing entertainment landscape. He says the rise in popularity of comedy shows like ‘Jabardasth’ and social media content has satisfied viewers’ appetite for humor. Additionally, it highlights the competitive nature of the film industry, suggesting that there is little room for new heroes, especially those coming from comedy backgrounds.

It takes more than just jokes:

Appreciating the success of comedians like Nagesh, Brahmanandam and Sunil, Suhas emphasizes the importance of relatable characters and strong scripts, rather than relying solely on comedic timing. He also points out that viewers’ preference for established stars over lesser-known comedians significantly influenced the success of these ventures.

Fight for solo fame:

Teja highlights the fundamental difference between creating laughs as a supporting actor and making a film as the lead. While comedians may be applauded for their jokes in star-studded films, running a project faces a different challenge. He believes that comedians should focus on becoming top-notch comedians before trying to take on bigger roles, as the popularity of the comedy genre itself is declining.

A changing landscape:

The trend of comedians-turned-heroes in Telugu cinema is facing a harsh reality. While some comedians have found success with their comedic talents, the recent spate of failures suggests a change of strategy may be necessary. Audiences are evolving to demand more than just laughs. Comedians wanting to play leading roles must demonstrate versatility and the ability to have a deeper impact on audiences. The future of this trend depends on the ability of these actors to adapt and create compelling narratives that go beyond the realm of comedy.