Denson accepts the deal and confesses where the body was |  News
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Denson accepts the deal and confesses where the body was | News

On Thursday, David Wayne Denson pleaded guilty to the murder of his aunt, Faye Lynn Paul, during jury selection for his murder trial.

Denson was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by Third District Judge Mark Calhoon in exchange for informing law enforcement of the location of his aunt’s body.

Jury dissection at the trial began in mid-May in Houston County.

“Jury selection for the murder trial of David Wayne Deson had been underway for several days when Mr. Denson offered to reveal the whereabouts of the remains of his victim, Faye Lynn Paul, in exchange for a guilty plea and a sentence of life without the possibility of parole.

“I, along with U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutors Natalie Tise and Marie Primm, agreed to a possible plea if the defendant could actually tell law enforcement where the body was located and whether Fay had actually been found,” the Houston County district said. Attorney Donna Gordon Kaspar.

Kaspar said that on May 30, Police Chief Clayton Smith and several Crockett Police Department officers, with the assistance of the Texas Rangers and several Houston County deputies, located and recovered Paul’s remains near CR 1200 in Weches.

Kaspar said that as part of the plea agreement, Denson approached Pauls’ family and friends and gave an account of his crime.

“While the prosecution team believed that a death sentence was an appropriate punishment for Mr. Denson’s actions, we knew that returning Ms. Paul’s remains to her family was very important to them and we are extremely happy that they can now give her a proper rest,” Kaspar said.

Denson, 29, killed his aunt, Faye Lynn Paul, 79, of Crockett, in 2020.

The search for Paul began in early February 2020, after friends and neighbors did not see her for several days.

Paul was with Denson on February 12, 2020, at the Walmart in Crockett. Two days earlier, Denson had been released from prison after serving a 10-year suspended sentence for burglary.

As part of the state and nationwide investigation, Crockett Police Department officers and Texas Rangers contacted numerous witnesses and collected several hundred pieces of evidence and video footage.

In previous statements, Crockett Police Chief Clayton Smith said several areas were searched for Paul’s body, including the Neches and Trinity Rivers.

Police arrested Denson in Alamosa, Colorado, on probation violation charges in late February 2020. Police were not investigating his aunt’s murder at the time, although they were seeking him for questioning in her disappearance.

Denson was extradited and brought back to Crockett.

He was officially charged with Paul’s death in July 2020.