Roman Kemp’s heartbreaking battle for his health and his plans to leave showbiz for good
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Roman Kemp’s heartbreaking battle for his health and his plans to leave showbiz for good

Radio presenter and mental health advocate Roman Kemp may be preparing to step out of the spotlight, and his post-fame plans are refreshingly selfless.

Best known for his role as a presenter on the Capital breakfast show and as the son of Martin Kemp of the iconic 1980s band Spandau Ballet, Roman has recently made significant strides in promoting mental health awareness.

His involvement in the cause became personal following the suicide of close friend Joe Lyons, prompting him to speak openly about the often overlooked issue and premiere his own BBC Three documentary titled Roman Kemp: Fighting for a Young Life.

Lyons was a stalwart of Global Radio for nine years until his tragic suicide in August 2020. The devastated Roman bravely used the loss to refocus the conversation on the role of friends in caring for each other’s mental health.

He particularly stressed the importance of men talking about their emotions, confessing on This Morning that he was unknowingly devastated by his friend’s fight. “If I were (a hero), he would be here,” reports the Mirror.

“I want people to be heroes to their friends like I know I wasn’t to mine. You can look at yourself and think what more I could have done.” Roman, who himself had struggled with depression since childhood, also recalled how his mother advised him to consult a doctor when he was only fifteen.

During a candid conversation with The Mirror, he shared how Ed Sheeran’s words helped him get through a difficult time: “Ed told me there’s dirty water up there, and the more you let it flow, it turns into clean water. Every time I talk about how it feels like the water becomes clearer.”

But his struggles aren’t just about mental health; he also struggles with a serious physical condition. Last year, the 30-year-old artist revealed that he plans to retire from the demanding world of showbiz within the next five years due to a heartbreaking diagnosis related to his relentless work schedule.