Inside the “human smuggling” cartels that use “inhumane” tactics to make millions
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Inside the “human smuggling” cartels that use “inhumane” tactics to make millions

Mexican cartels are taking advantage of the migration crisis in the US, using “inhumane” methods of people smuggling, earning millions of dollars.

According to ABC, millions of people have arrived at the U.S. southwest border since 2021 for many reasons, including fleeing poverty or violence, political or religious persecution, war and climate change.

Now one of Mexico’s largest cartels is taking advantage of the situation by helping to transport so-called “long-distance migrants” – people who often pay up to £75,000 to travel to America. “We receive 200-300 people every week,” one smuggler told ABC News. “But it’s happening all over the border every day and every night.”

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Every day, hundreds of migrants cross US borders(Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Ruthlessly efficient cartels combined with the seemingly endless demand for people around the world to get into the US mean that “people smugglers will be richer than drug traffickers in the next five years,” says security expert Gerardo Rodríguez Sánchez Lara international.

He added: “This number of people arriving at the border would not be possible without this level of involvement by international organized crime.”

Some of the methods used by cartels to transport people across the Mexican border have been described as “inhumane.”