Monica Bellucci, Tim Burton’s love: confesses her relationship
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Monica Bellucci, Tim Burton’s love: confesses her relationship

After the service, two answers, Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton no need to throw a plus. It’s the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival in October 2023, where the two toureros finally made their relationship official. And the Italian actress looks more loving than ever. “If I love you, that’s the best thing They touch me. Everyone is delighted with the son of Enormément Talent, bien sûr”available Marie-Claire in April Dernier.

Lorskel is accepted to act in the film Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Tim Burton, Monica Bellucci – just a passer-by plus time with his son, a companion and able to decorate his relationship. This explains it all: “When I was offered a role in the film, I said that all the apartments were sent from partager to lui, en plus de l’amour.experienceI confessed to At-ella.

Monica Bellucci: “I love Tim. Steps with Tim Burton »

Plus relaxation, dans les Colonnes de Match Paris, 59-year-old star “New Couple” resembles a couple and customs that are not friendly, perceived as a relationship with the producer. “Mes amis me connaissant depuis l’école, ils ne me voient pas, as an actress, but as a friend. When you meet again, part of my job is gone, a lot of my life, my children, my souvenirs… And that worries me, I’m with Tim. With Tim Burton, the producer, and Tim, the man who loves me.“, at-elle declaré.

While Monica Bellucci has returned to her love of Tim Burton bras, her model husband was in a four-year relationship with Vincent Cassel before divorcing in 2013. “Il faut will learn to distinguish vrai du faux et savoir ce que l’on cherche. He understands the attitude we are not comfortable with. And is able to take responsibility when it is not functioning to develop in a good way. What is the change for all my miews? »request-elle.

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