Bristol stabbing: 11 men arrested on suspicion of attempted murder
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Bristol stabbing: 11 men arrested on suspicion of attempted murder

Avon and Somerset Police said the attack took place near Rawnsley Park in Easton at around 4.40am on Sunday.

Two men in their 20s were taken to hospital with knife wounds that are no longer life-threatening, but the condition of one of them is still serious.

In connection with this incident, officers arrested 11 men, all on suspicion of attempted murder.

They all remain in police custody.

Enhanced stop and search powers are in place in parts of Bristol, which came into force at 7pm on Sunday and will initially apply for 24 hours, police said.

On Sunday afternoon, Superintendent Lisa Simpson granted authority to exercise her powers under s. 60 and 60AA of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.

These powers will allow uniformed officers to stop and search any person or vehicle in a specified area for weapons to prevent serious violence.

Ms Simpson said: “We do not disregard the concerns of the local community following the recent incident of knife crime and serious violence in Bristol.

“It is for this reason that we have taken the decision to give our officers Section 60 powers.

“The power of Art. 60 empowers officers to stop and search a person if they suspect they may be carrying knives or other weapons that could be used in serious violence in the area.

“In addition to this, they will also have powers under section 60AA which will allow officers to ask people to remove a face covering if they have reason to believe it is being worn to conceal their identity.”

The authorization may last a maximum of 24 hours, after which it may be extended by the probation officer for another 24 hours.

Officers will continue to follow normal stop and search processes, which include explaining why a person is being stopped, recording the interaction on body-worn video and giving the person being stopped a receipt, police added.

If you were in the Stapleton Road/Rawnsley Park area between 4.15am and 5am on Sunday and witnessed anything suspicious or have video footage that could assist with the investigation, please call Avon and Somerset Police on 101 and give the attendant your reference number 5224148270 .