What happened to Big Man in the Sweet Tooth finale?  Is He dying?
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What happened to Big Man in the Sweet Tooth finale? Is He dying?

Spoilers ahead Sweet teeth. After the epic finale on Netflix, many viewers may be wondering what happened to the Big Man in Sweet Tooth after that ambiguous ending.

The series tells the story of life after the pandemic, in which the sick affect people and human-animal hybrids appear. A sheltered hybrid deer boy named Gus, nicknamed Sweet Tooth (Christian Convery), unexpectedly befriends a wandering loner named Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). Together they set off on an extraordinary adventure through the remains of America. “In Season 3, everyone is dealing with some sort of emotional hurt or loss, whether it’s someone in their life or a part of themselves,” Mickle told Tudum to Netflix. “Everyone looks inward and wants to move on until they finally learn that life doesn’t end. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Mark Biggins in the Netflix series

Tommy Jepperd, aka Big Man, is stabbed by Zhang in the cave after she kills Birdie. Big Man asks Sweet Tooth to tell him a story while he is injured, and we learn that Gus is actually the narrator of the show as he gets older. While telling the story, he recalls the fate of the Great Man.

What happened to Big Man in Sweet teeth final?

Many fans assumed that Big Man died in the finale. In the final moments of the series, the scene cuts to the present day, when the Big Man asks Gus, “What about the Big Man? Did he manage to get back with it?” This cuts back to the scene where Big Man joins Gus in watching the Hybrids working and laughing. The Big Man gives Gus some maple syrup and they stare into the distance.

Executive producer Amanda Burrell told People that the final scene could be interpreted “a lot of different ways,” adding that they did it “on purpose.” One interpretation could be that Jepp will be with Gus forever in his thoughts even if he died, or that he is actually alive.

Some fans are happy with the way the ending was presented. One fan wrote on Reddit: “A lot of people here are sad that the show is over, but I think the ending was perfect and continuing it would be a mistake. Leaving us to openly discuss whether this great man survived or only because of Gus was heartbreaking and yet incredibly comforting.”

“For us, it was always about these journeys of both of us and the interesting concept that Jepp learned as much from Gus as Gus learned from Jepp,” Burrell told the publication. “What was really important to us was that they really complement each other. We couldn’t imagine that they would find each other and influence each other’s lives so deeply. It’s a love story in many ways.”

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“We knew we wanted it to feel like Jepp found his end at the end of this episode, but we also wanted to say a little ET– inspired: “He is always with him.” He will be here,” Burrell continued. “If the audience wants to engage and believes he was sitting on the porch with him, they can do so. But at least for me, I think that was the end.

Sweet teeth is now streaming on Netflix.