Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest Mocks Amateur Golfer With Hilarious Parody
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Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest Mocks Amateur Golfer With Hilarious Parody

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Scottie Scheffler

Arrest mocked by amateur golfer

…Hilarious parody!!!

An amateur golfer made fun of Scottie Schefflerby creating a parody at a local tournament… and it was downright hilarious!!

According to a social media user, it happened this week at Wildwood Country Club in Louisville… just a few miles from Valhalla Golf Club, where Scheffler was. placed in police custody on May 17 for allegedly dragging a police officer with his car.

Here is the video

– Jerry Brewer, Jr (@JerryBrewerJr) June 10, 2024

The video shows that as guests were preparing to compete on the Wildwood CC course, one of the members arrived with a mannequin dressed as a police officer attached to his car.

You can see that as the vehicle moved forward, the mannequin was dragging on the ground, while “Bad Boys” blared through the ride’s speakers.

Golfers in the parking lot screamed at the sight – and even the man manning the PA system stopped to laugh at the whole thing.

“Scottie Scheffler is here today!” » said the man on the microphone as the laughter continued.

Of course, Scheffler’s arrest wasn’t funny at the time… as he was facing several criminal charges, including a felony, following allegations that he injured the officer during the encounter .

But the the case was dismissed two weeks ago…and the officer said he would have no lingering effects from the encounter — despite a some bumps and bruises.

So go ahead and enjoy some Tuesday morning laughter without the guilt!