The mock trial competition celebrates its 20th anniversary
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The mock trial competition celebrates its 20th anniversary

The 20th anniversary edition of the mock trial competition for high schools, including Espanola High School, takes place today.

Approximately 70 Grade 12 law students from six Rainbow secondary schools and a team from North Bay will compete in the Sudbury Regional Mock Trial Competition at the Sudbury Courthouse, focusing on an individual charged with “second degree murder.”

Preliminaries and finals will take place throughout the day with the Hennessey Cup awards ceremony scheduled for this afternoon.

Madam Justice Hennessy continues to support this important experiential learning opportunity for students and will be on hand this year to judge the 20th Anniversary Championship Trial.

The public is welcome and photographs are permitted.

The Hennessy Cup is part of the competitive mock trials of OJEN/OBA, a provincial program of the Ontario Bar Association and the Ontario Legal Education Network.

Where possible, students receive an authentic learning experience by presenting their cases in real courtrooms, assisted by experienced court staff. In addition to the Hennessy Cup, several other awards will be awarded – Best Defense Lawyer, Best Crown Lawyer, Best Witness and Civility Award for Professionalism.

Students on each team will determine the team’s “Most Valuable Player” recipient who exemplifies leadership excellence. The mock trial competition is well established in the Grade 12 law curriculum.

In addition to meeting program expectations, mock trials develop other skills in students, including public speaking, teamwork, presentation, preparation and critical thinking.