Before ‘America’s Got Talent’: The time Dee Dee Simon’s singing sparked a prison riot
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Before ‘America’s Got Talent’: The time Dee Dee Simon’s singing sparked a prison riot

Before she delighted America has talent Dee Dee Simon shared an interesting story with the judges and the audience. Apparently, her singing once sparked a prison riot, and she explained the details to followers.

Dee Dee introduced herself and reported that she had been a registered nurse at San Quentin State Prison for 19 years. Howie Mandel asked if the inmates had ever heard her sing, and Dee Dee revealed that “When I first got there, after I sang the song, there was a riot.”

She continued: “Then I had to triage everyone” – which means assessing people for injuries – “So I waited all these years and then they asked me again. Just two months ago (I sang in prison) and everything was quiet.

Dee Dee also revealed that she didn’t tell anyone at work who she was auditioning for America has talent. She only told her family. When Simon Cowell asked what brought her to this year’s show, she simply replied: “Destiny.” She then explained, “I don’t see myself anywhere other than here, right now.”

When asked about her “big dream,” she replied, “There was always that door and for some reason I never walked through it. That’s why my big dream is to keep this door open and walk through it.

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Simon Cowell has been extremely impressed this season America has talent

Simon Cowell burst onto the scene as the caustic and sometimes overly critical judge American idolbut now that he has found a home on America has talent, his infamous attitude softened a bit. He no longer hesitates to give praise when necessary, and he proved that last season AGT. Cowell has been consistently impressed with recent auditions.

One such audition was R&B singer-songwriter Liv Warfield, who received applause and praise from Cowell. At one point, he got the audience to clap as Warfield performed as she practiced her vocal skills.

Cowell also praised the Indiana janitor who sang Journey’s hit “Don’t Stop Believin’.” As Richard Goodall finished his performance, Cowell notably uttered, “Richard, you’re my hero.” High praise from the referee who had the players in tears at the start American idol.

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