Rumors regarding the lineup of Glastonbury Festival 2025 with the participation of a great icon of American rap
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Rumors regarding the lineup of Glastonbury Festival 2025 with the participation of a great icon of American rap

Rumors about the lineup of Glastonbury Festival 2025 have already appeared before this year’s event, as big names have already entered the ring and want to perform on the iconic Pyramid stage

Rumors about Glastonbury 2025 have already surfaced(PA Archive/PA Images)

Discussions about the headliners of the Glastonbury Festival in 2025 appeared before the start of this year’s event, and rumors swirled around.

Eminem is expected to be the headliner of the cult Pyramid Stage festival next year. Co-organizer Emily Eavis is said to have previously tried to get the rap icon to perform at the world-famous music festival, but to no avail. However, an insider claims that Eminem’s epic comeback means there is now a chance he will top the charts next year.

The Lose Yourself hitmaker was persuaded to come to Worthy Farm in 2025. This year, the main stars of the festival are Coldplay, Dua Lipa and SZA. Speaking about Eminem’s potential position, a source said: ‘It’s been a long time coming, but finally, after years of trying, Emily has come close to getting her wish. This is by no means a done deal, but with a successful comeback on the move, a huge headline next year makes sense.”

“I’m sure everyone behind the scenes wants everything to work out,” they told The Sun. Eminem recently climbed to the top of the charts with Houdini thanks to his upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce). Fans are delighted and have started talking about who will be the main character of the cult slot machines.

Posting on the festival’s online forum, one fan said: “I think Billy Joel is a good idea. I would have originally written him off because of the legend space, but if they want to try to continue McCartney’s potential career, Elton and Madonna and then Billy Joel would be the next logical step, imo.”

There are rumors that Eminem will be a potential headliner(Getty Paintings)
Fans said they wanted to see Billy Joel take the stage(Getty Images North America)

Another added: “I’ve been beating the Billy Joel drum since I saw him in Hyde Park earlier this year. An absolutely fantastic performance that would make much better headlines than legend, with more songs I knew than I expected/realized. ” Someone else picked out their top headliners and commented, “Taylor Swift, Sam Fender, Billy Joel.”

A fourth predicted: “Rihanna/Liam Gallagher/Depeche Mode,” and one fan chimed in: “I think Rihanna probably needs to be in the conversation.” Emily recently discussed next year’s lineup when asked if she had any plans. She told the BBC’s Sidetracked podcast: ‘Not yet, we’re talking to people.

“The thing about lineups is that you think it looks one way and then it changes. So right now I would say no, but I have a vague idea who will be doing it next year. Then we could do a fallow year next year, we have a fallow year.” She added: “The fallow year is important because it gives the land a rest and gives the cows a chance to stay on the pasture longer and reclaim their land.