Australian crime boss works with Kinahan cartel to ‘smuggling tons of cocaine’
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Australian crime boss works with Kinahan cartel to ‘smuggling tons of cocaine’

An Australian crime boss has reportedly joined forces with the notorious Kinahan cartel to facilitate the flow of billions of euros worth of cocaine.

Hells Angels boss Angelo Pandeli is a key figure in the global group that includes the Kinahan gang, according to a leading investigative podcast in Australia. The Cocaine Inc podcast alleges that Pandela, 53, and Mr. and Mrs. Kinahan are under investigation for attempting to smuggle hundreds of kilograms of cocaine worth tens of millions of euros from Colombia to Europe via Ireland.

Pandeli is considered one of Australia’s most important criminals, and now a podcast suggests he has formed an alliance with the Kinahan cartel to distribute cocaine globally. Drawing on investigative reports from six countries, the podcast reveals how criminals outsmart authorities in a game of cat and mouse as the annual retail value of the global cocaine market reaches €110 billion.

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The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has revealed that cocaine supply is at its highest level in three decades and the Kinahans and Pandeli are working together to saturate the market both in Australia and overseas. ACIC’s deputy director general for intelligence, Matt Rippon, commented: “The profits are huge and organized crime gangs are active and focused. “In almost 30 years of working in law enforcement and intelligence, I have never seen the scale of cocaine that we have achieved and seen it consistently hit our shores over the last 12-24 months.”

The podcast cites sources claiming that Pandeli’s Hells Angels and the Kinahans have joined forces as the international cocaine smuggling business increases in concentration. Australian investigators postulate that the alliance with internationally wanted Kinahans made him a global player on par with them.

Pandeli is on the Australian Priority Target List, a national database of most wanted people. He is believed to have increased his influence given the strength of the Australian cocaine market, where a gram costs around €215 – significantly higher than around €70 in Ireland.