Dimitar Nedkov: The next elections will be even more tragic ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Bulgaria
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Dimitar Nedkov: The next elections will be even more tragic ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Bulgaria

In parallel with the elections, we are writing a historical novel, but it seems to me that this novel is coming to an end, not an open one, but a tragic one. From a novel to a television soap opera of political reality. The series has a low budget because the characters are the same. There are fewer and fewer positive characters left in Bulgaria’s political storyline.

This is what writer Dimitar Nedkov said in the “Bulgaria ON AIR” studio.

In his opinion, positive characters were driven out behind the scenes.

“Let’s look at voter turnout – the lowest. If we check how many people left Bulgaria on Friday evening going to the seaside, mainly to our southern neighbor, we can say that we are the authors of a new phenomenon, the so-called so-called electoral migration. Over the past six months, I have found it increasingly difficult to find people to talk to about the election and who are interested in voting. People are disgusted with what we offer as a product,” Niedkov added.

He believes that the “fate of Bulgaria” is not in the hands of the Bulgarians, everything is external.

“Why are we surprised that the number of similar political formations, far-right and separatist, is growing. It can be said that in these elections Europeans rebelled against the way in which European civilization is being liquidated. Notre Dame burned down, perhaps as a result of what happened in the election. Are they surprised? They dragged Europe into the so-called global conflict. “great powers,” the writer emphasized.

Niedkov reminded that young people do not vote en masse.

“This is their rebellion. The next elections will be even more tragic. Election day is taken out of the context of democratic values, but not only in our country. The solution, which is already a fact, is a complete boycott of the current term of office of the European political elite. Why have we stopped caring about who controls the fate of our children? Today they are children, but tomorrow they are a nation. Our republic has not been parliamentary for a long time and is not a republic,” he also commented.

According to the writer, in politics you either are someone or you belong to someone.

“We lost all sovereignty a long time ago. But the most terrible thing is the loss of sovereignty over our education system. Other countries felt it. And we are ready to sell the future of the generation and the unborn in exchange for subsidies and in exchange for someone funding us a textbook,” Dymitar Nedkov emphasized.

He predicts riots in Europe.

“I suppose that the events of 1968 await France. Macron dissolves parliament, not realizing his own guilt. Why didn’t he also schedule the presidential elections? Macron was never French as president of France, the concept comes from the sect of a fallen liberal,” the writer added.