Thalí Lupillo Rivera: Are they really friends?
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Thalí Lupillo Rivera: Are they really friends?

  • Thalí García and Lupillo Rivera.
  • The actress talks about friendship.
  • Controversy on social media.

Since leaving “La Casa de los Famosos”, Thalí García has been in the media spotlight.

The actress was linked romantically with Lupillo Rivera, and this rumor gained momentum and, as was speculated, may have been the reason for her departure from the series.

In the face of growing speculation and gossip, the “El Señor de los Cielos” actress decided to publicly speak about her relationship with Lupillo.

By explaining once and for all the nature of the friendship she shares with a famous regional Mexican singer.

Thalí García confesses about Lupillo Rivera

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Thalí García confesses to Lupillo Rivera – photo: Mezcalent

In a video shared on the “Solo Digo” account on the X social networking site (formerly Twitter), Thalí made a surprising confession.

In the recording, the former resident of the most famous house on Latin television talked about her bond with Lupillo Rivera.

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“I wouldn’t dare to say something like that, I won’t lie to you… Specifically, the thing with Lupe was very strange to me,” the actress assured.

“Because I am a very expressive person, very warm-hearted, and I always want to be close to the people I love,” Thalí added.

“Perhaps after all the sympathy and support shown, I expected a little more reciprocity,” she argued.

“It’s not a complaint, Lupe, but you went too far, uncle,” the former resident recalled in a Spanish accent at the end of the video.

This discovery sparked a lot of interest on social media and among the followers of both artists.

“Oh this chick is so funny”, “She is very intense”, “Lupillo only takes advantage of women”, “Toxic”, “This woman doesn’t understand it” – some users commented.

Thalí’s confession sparked an online debate about entertainment public relations and the authenticity of celebrity connections.

Supporters of both artists are divided in their opinions, some support Thalí, others defend Lupillo.

“Thalí needs someone who loves her”; “Well, Lupillo has plenty of things to do outside”; “Haha, next chapter,” they shared.

“She deserved it for her clowning,” “She’s too annoying,” “It’s not nice to see her in a whirlwind of bad decisions,” others said.

A reflection of the world of entertainment

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Photo: X Solo Digo screenshot

This episode reflects on the complexity of relationships in the entertainment world and the impact of public commentary.

It is expected that Thalí and Lupillo will continue to handle this situation professionally and will be able to resolve any disagreements.

Dramas and confessions in the world of entertainment always arouse interest and media attention.

This shows the power of public relations and storytelling in the entertainment industry. You can watch the film HERE.

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