Cam’ron Quickly Leaves New York for ‘Disgusting’ Reason: ‘I Can’t Do It’
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Cam’ron Quickly Leaves New York for ‘Disgusting’ Reason: ‘I Can’t Do It’

New York, New York

Cam’ron’s catalog may be littered with homages to his hometown like “Welcome to New York City” and “Harlem Streets,” but these days rapper Dipset isn’t a fan of returning to Rotten Apple — and the clue lies in his less-than-flattering moniker.

Killa Cam, who currently lives in Las Vegas, posted a video on social media of himself leaving New York City just hours after landing in the city due to vermin and sanitation issues.

“I just left New York. “That shit was disgusting,” he said as he left the Big Apple on a boat. “I was there for two and a half hours and booked a flight. I can’t do this shit.

“I love this city. I come back in the summer for about a week or two. I spent time with rats and cockroaches. They still haven’t solved the rat problem. Still!”

He continued: “I can’t do rats anymore. I’m too old for rats. What I look like when I get out of the car and I’m jumping on my feet doing all that shit when I get out of the car because there’s a rat in there. I’m fed up with this shit.

“I’m not sorry about that either. I won’t even pretend to be even a little sorry about this.

Fans supported Cam’s views, with one commenting: “I love New York but this n***a ain’t wrong. Cam feels like a real New Yorker lmao.

Another said: “I don’t blame him. Especially when you grew up around it and saw it all your life.

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Cam’ron and Melyssa Ford’s feud flares up again as she responds to freestyle claims

Someone else denigrated the city’s wealth, but the rat problem still exists: “I agree with all the money the city is making and I still can’t find a solution to the problem.”

In other news, Cam’ron recently went viral for his appearance on the show CNN to talk about Diddy’s legal drama after footage of his assault on Cassie in 2016 was leaked to the media.

After Cam was asked what he thought of Bad Boy’s boss based on his personal experiences with him, the interview quickly ended when he started drinking his sexual stimulant Pink Horse Power.

The chat ultimately ended abruptly after the “Hey Ma” rapper openly questioned whose decision it was to book it for the news station, making it unlikely that Cam would appear on the show CNN again soon.