The ACCC proposes to reauthorize Tire Stewardship Australia
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The ACCC proposes to reauthorize Tire Stewardship Australia

The ACCC proposes to grant permission to continue the tire product stewardship program for another three years

The Tire management in Australia (TSA) the implemented program aims to increase the number of tires recycled and use tire derivative products in an environmentally friendly way Australia and abroad.

From ACCC the program was first approved in 2013, TSA collected a fee from participating tire importers and resellers and contributed more than $9 million to the projects. TSA also raises awareness of the value of recycled tires and the use of sustainable tire materials.

“The continuation of the program will lead to a reduction in the number of tires stored and thrown into landfills or burning for fuel in an environmentally unsustainable way. This is likely to have benefits for the environment, public health and safety.” ACCC deputy chairman Mick Keogh he said.

“Reducing tire inventories also reduces the risk of illegal and unregulated fires, the release of toxic gases and chemicals into the local environment, and the removal of breeding grounds for pests such as mosquitoes and other pests.”

“This is a growing problem as a number of tires reach the end of their life each year Australia has increased dramatically, from 143,000 tonnes in 2018-2019 to 225,000 tonnes in 2022-2023,” Keogh said.

The ACCC notes TSA concern that the voluntary nature of the program limits its effectiveness. Many companies that import or manufacture tires or vehicles or sell tires chose not to participate in the survey. Like most mining companies, their remote location significantly increases the costs of transporting used tires to recycling plants.

ACCC encourages TSA consider ways to encourage all sectors of industry, particularly mining companies, to become more involved in the programme,” Keogh said.

As the current authorization expires on June 15, ACCC granted a temporary permit enabling the Program to continue for some time ACCC finishes his assessment.

The ACCC expects to submit applications in response to the draft resolution by June 28, 2024 before making a final decision.