A banker neighbor who beats a woman shouts “your father is disgusting” when children enter his house
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A banker neighbor who beats a woman shouts “your father is disgusting” when children enter his house

Written by Alex Hammer and Miles Dilworth for Dailymail.Com

22:05 June 10, 2024, updated 22:26 June 10, 2024

On Tuesday, neighbors of an investment banker who punched a woman in the face were heard hurling insults at a young man and woman as they entered his posh Park Slope townhouse.

Neighbor Christine Doyle previously described 52-year-old boxer Jonathan Kaye and his family as anti-social in an interview with DailyMail.com and made her feelings known when the unknown couple arrived at the $4 million four-bedroom.

Your father is disgusting. You better move. You are disgusting. You are the father’s slaughterhouse,” the woman snapped as the male member of the party first shooed away the paparazzi gathered outside before frantically fumbling with his set of keys.

Both he and his companion wore surgical masks and sunglasses, but that didn’t provide enough protection from a neighbor’s tirade over viral footage of Kaye being attacked during Saturday’s Pride Parade in Brooklyn.

“You’ve been the worst neighbors all these years,” she continued as they both turned their backs, trying to get inside. – Your father will go to prison. You’re making me sick.’

When a young man and a woman entered an investment banker’s posh Park Slope townhouse on Tuesday, he was filmed punching the woman in the face on Monday
Jonathan Kaye, 52, was seen throwing a brutal overhead punch at an unnamed woman in Park Slope during an event in Brooklyn. His four-bedroom townhouse that they both entered is just a few blocks away and is valued at over $4 million

The verbal attack ended when the duo finally walked through the doors, but earlier in the day, residents of the posh enclave showed similar disgust.

Speaking to DailyMail.com, one neighbor said: “I can’t believe this is in my neighborhood! When will they come and arrest him?

Meanwhile, Doyle added about the Moelis & Company managing director and his clan: “Everyone here greets their neighbors.

They don’t say anything. They are truly insular.

We all know each other. But these guys were never friendly.

She spoke as a poster was erected nearby shaming his actions, including Bigshot’s phone number and the full address of his luxurious brownstone home

“They don’t care when you tell them something,” she continued about Kaye, hours after Kaye’s company, Moelis, a leading investment bank with offices in Midtown, confirmed to DailyMail.com that he was involved and they were investigating .

“They think they are above everything,” Doyle continued, like many others, irritated by the circulating footage.

“Every morning at 6 a.m. he leaves in his big black car. Whatever he does, I always said it was the work of the devil.

That routine likely changed on Tuesday, when Doyle revealed that she had yet to see her increasingly hated neighbor since Saturday’s incident.

When asked what she would tell him, the woman replied: “Please leave this area because men who beat women are not welcome here.”

Kaye was recorded throwing an overhand right at an unnamed woman during a pride parade taking place in the neighborhood on Saturday.

The verbal attack ended when the duo finally walked through the door, but earlier in the day, residents of the upscale enclave showed similar disgust

The woman is seen being thrown to the floor by the force of the impact, although it is unclear what sparked the confrontation.

As others watch, they can be heard calling Kaye an “asshole” and telling him to “go f*** yourself” – briefly gaining his attention before he abruptly walks away.

Meanwhile, the footage is short and shaky, but includes a moment where Kaye turns to the camera after knocking the woman to the floor.

Kaye walks away, bag in one hand and a wet stain on the back of his jacket.

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In one clip with a caption superimposed over the footage, a user wrote: “This guy punched me in the face today and broke my nose. (He also) smashed my friend’s arm… can anyone find him?

A spokesman for his employer confirmed to DailyMail.com that Kaye is the man seen in the viral video and said it has already led to an investigation.

“We have learned that one of our employees was involved in a serious incident in Brooklyn on June 8,” Rep. Moelis said, as the 12-second clip continues to trend online.

“We take this matter very seriously and are investigating,” she added.

People close to the 52-year-old banker say the viral clip did not capture the entire Saturday clash, which began when a group of four Queers for Palestine supporters allegedly began taunting Kaye – who is Jewish – as he returned from dinner.

Kaye is said to have told the group they were on the “wrong side,” prompting the women to gang up on him, the source said.

“He just said, ‘You’re on the wrong side,’ and then all four of them went up to him and poured fluids on him. He didn’t know what this liquid was. They hurled insults at him.

“He fell or was hit in the chest and doesn’t remember that part. But he ended up on the sidewalk with all four of them above him.

The banker, pictured turning away after the attack, works as a managing director at Moelis & Company, a leading investment bank with offices in midtown Manhattan

A source familiar with the incident says the viral clip does not tell the whole story, which they believe began when a group of Queers for Palestine supporters attacked Kaye as he left a dinner party.
Jonathan Kaye injuries

“He got up and lunged at one, trying to get away, and then he ran away.”

They also claim that the video now circulating online shows Kaye covered in fluid and with a stain on his back.

Photos obtained by DailyMail.com show Kaye’s clothes soaked in a red liquid he believed was Gatorade and blood pooling around his ankle after he was pushed to the floor.

The New York Police Department said it was also aware of the viral video, but added that no one had filed a police report about it.

The NYPD stated that they were aware of the viral video, but no one had filed a police report in connection with the incident. The photo shows Kaye, the owner of many properties on the street that she rents out

As a result of the attack, the wealthy district found itself in a difficult situation. Here you can see a poster with the address of a nearby hole punch

Other neighbors told how Kaye lives with his wife and children in an elegant mansion, and at the same time owns many properties on the street, which he rents to neighbors.

One said she was “shocked” when she saw the footage this morning, adding that the father-of-three always seemed “normal” even though she usually spoke to his wife.

Another neighbor last night described scenes of chaos on the usually quiet street as the victim’s friends ran back and forth shouting that Kaye had attacked the woman.

On Monday morning, Kaye barricaded himself in his home and an unknown man wearing a hoodie and sunglasses sneaked into the property.

He said he didn’t live there, but didn’t say what he did.

Kaye oversees ten divisions in Moelis’ business services fraction, manages a “dedicated team of bankers and… an extensive network of relationships with both strategic partnerships and private equity investors,” according to his profile on the company’s website.