Israel and Argentina “mocked” Sanchez’s defeat at the European Championship at the same time
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Israel and Argentina “mocked” Sanchez’s defeat at the European Championship at the same time

The governments of Israel and Argentina, declared enemies in recent days following attacks by the government of Pedro Sánchez, celebrated the defeat of the PSOE in the European elections last Sunday.

Netanyahu’s executive celebrated, through his Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, that the Spanish had “punished” both Pedro Sánchez, who lost a seat and more than two and a half points of support, and Yolanda Díaz, who is far from expected, with only one seat more than Podemos and less than 11,000 votes ahead of Acabo La Fiesta and Alvise.

Katz, through a tweet, publicly showed the joy that was generated within the Israeli cabinet by this “decisive defeat” of the 9J of the two leaders of the ruling parties who decided to recognize Palestine as a state in the context of the war in Gaza. and the genocide case brought against them before the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICC), promoted by South Africa.

Jerusalem’s response was to ban our country from providing consular care to all Palestinian citizens at the Spanish consulate in the Israeli capital starting June 1, as they have done for decades.

Although the embassy is in the other major city, Tel Aviv, it is the consular headquarters that handles diplomatic relations with the Palestinian National Authority.

“It turns out that supporting the murderers and rapists of Hamas is not worth it,” said the head of diplomacy of this Middle Eastern country which has been fighting the Hamas terrorist group since a kidnapping during a music festival near the Gaza Strip last October.

The message, in addition to mentioning the Twitter accounts of the popular Núñez Feijóo and Abascal, includes an image generated by an artificial intelligence (AI) tool in which the President of the Government and the Second Vice President appear with eggs smeared on the face as a symbol of popular attacks against politicians as a form of protest or rejection of their decisions.

Craze for Miley and the “advance of new rights” in Europe

The main figures of the Argentine government of Javier Mieli also wanted to emphasize with satisfaction that they believe that the party of Pedro Sánchez did not win and obtained a result worse than that of the elections to the European Parliament of 2019 and the general elections of the June 23 last year.

The liberal president called the victory of far-right leader Marine Le Pen in France, her counterpart in Austria and the second place far-right in Germany a “tremendous advance of the new right” in the EU .

In Miley’s words, “excellent news” for the Argentine executive, who with his speech welcomes the rise of European powers, to the detriment of those who “advance the 2030 Agenda” and “firmly attack” them. “Today we have taken a fundamental step in defending our ideas,” the president said.

His partner in government as leader of Together for Change and now Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, also referred to the PSOE leader in a tweet saying: “You have insulted our government and you you have lost Europe. »

Bullrich highlights the controversial statements of the Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, who revealed that Miley would take narcotics, or the statements of the scientific head, Diana Morante, who accused him of maintaining the thesis of “science deniers” and to represent a model that “attacks democracy”.

All this has culminated, for the moment, in the withdrawal of the Spanish ambassador to Buenos Aires, ordered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following the accusations of corruption that Miley made against Pedro Sánchez’s wife, Begoña Gómez, without naming it.