Following the heartbreaking passing of Elaine, Thompson-Herah promises to share her future plans with the athletics community
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Following the heartbreaking passing of Elaine, Thompson-Herah promises to share her future plans with the athletics community

After a tense 24 hours, Elaine Thompson-Herah shared positive news, saying she felt overwhelmed to receive so many warm wishes from fans. On Sunday, during the New York Grand Prix, the five-time Olympic champion was the favorite to win the women’s 100 m race. However, that hope soon turned to ashes as she finished 8th (11.48 seconds) while the winner, Favor Ofili, clocked an astonishing time of 11.18 seconds. After the race ended, Elaine Thompson-Herah could be seen limping on the track. She eventually had to have a spike removed from her right leg to deal with the intense discomfort she seemed to be feeling in her Achilles tendons. She even left a mark on the shoulders of her coaching staff.

Elaine Thompson-Herah has now shared an IG story about her current status. Thanking her fans for all their messages, the Jamaican athlete said: “I haven’t had a chance to reply to any yet, but I will (emoji).” While there are no major updates on her injury, in the first few hours of class, Elaine tried to clear the air by writing down that she was “waiting for professional advice on how to proceed.” After watching her suffer excruciating pain at the fence line, the athletics community is wondering if there is any hope for her to qualify for the Jamaican competition. No answer to this burning question has yet emerged.

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Nevertheless, according to athletics experts, if the injury damaged her Achilles tendon, it would impact her preparations in the coming days. In fact, Elaine Thompson-Herah, who has a long history of Achilles tendon injuries, recently started her Olympic season in Paris. All she was looking for was to regain her health so she could compete successfully. However, for now, the 31-year-old Jamaican numero uno has appeared in two races this season and neither of them did justice to her fame. But is it all on her part?


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Surprisingly, the two-time Olympic champion has proven herself time and time again in the past despite dealing with a painful Achilles tendon problem and heartbreaking injuries.

Is it too easy to write Elaine Thompson-Herah off her chances?

Elaine Thompson-Herah is chasing the record of her former compatriot Usain Bolt, who won three Olympic gold medals in a row in the 100 m and 200 m, regardless of category. Her newly appointed coach, Reynaldo Walcott (who also coaches Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce), speaks highly of her return to the track. Further deferring to his legendary protégés, the young coach said: “They understand what it means to be successful and they know what to do to be successful.” Elaine has a great story of getting back on track overcoming injuries. She even did it last year.

After missing two months of racing due to injury, Elaine Thompson-Herah competed in the JAAA All Comers 100m. After winning her first season victory there, the fastest woman alive said: “It was hard, but I’m still coping. I almost gave up, but you know I have faith. Moreover, speaking about her condition, she added some positive words.

“Sometimes your body needs time to heal and if it tells me what to do, I would have to take a break, take a season and work on myself.” She replied. Also before the Jamaican trials for the Tokyo Olympics, the former world champion injured her Achilles tendon. But at the penultimate moment she appeared on the track to make history. So are you going to give up on Elaine Thompson-Herah? Let us know in the comment box.

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