Swedish populist sings “Remove foreigners”
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Swedish populist sings “Remove foreigners”

Right-wing Swedish crusader chants “Drive out the aliens”

After the EU vote, supporters of the right-wing Sweden Democrats rejoiced with the song “L’amour toujours”. Someone from this group sang “Out with the Foreigners” during the performance. Now he has resigned from his position. He stated that he collected content from social networks.

A Swedish MP from the right-wing Sweden Democrats party split up after singing “Out with the Foreigners” at an EU election ball. The party verified this information on the TT news website.

Swedish stand-in David Lang shouted this prejudiced phrase while performing his hit “L’amour toujours.” The song can be heard in an excerpt from the Swedish newspaper “Expressen”. Recently, many episodes featured racist mottos in Gigi D’Agostino’s Eurodance song.

In Germany, a video went viral showing young people in a bar in Sylt shouting “Germany for Germans, foreigners out” to the rhythm of this melody. During the Swedish Democrats’ debate for the European Parliament elections, “L’amour toujours” is faintly heard in the background while an Expressen reporter questions a party member.

The interview ends abruptly as Lang shouts, “Foreigners out, foreigners out.” Lang then asks, astonished, if the journalist recorded it. Sweden Democrats leader Linda Lindberg issued a statement calling on Lang to resign.

Lang mentioned that he searched the phrase online. “First of all, I understand that the lyrics were sung in a setting that I did not fully understand,” he said in his statement. He is embarrassed if he causes trouble for anyone.

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