Phillies Mock Draft Summary 1.0
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Phillies Mock Draft Summary 1.0

It’s that time of year.

Mock drafts are coming out fast and furious and it’s our job to make sure you stay on top of every move the experts think the Phillies will make. Thanks to their recent success, their position in the draft continues to decline.

This is a good thing. We want the big league team to succeed. Picking 27th means they’re looking toward the end of the round, but the talent remains.

It is difficult to collect a large number of these mock drafts. There are many “experts,” with many different websites offering this expertise. For now, we’ll stick to the most reputable offerings, then start adding more as more people narrow down their choices. Let’s look at what’s available. – Theo Gillen, SS, Westlake HS

Although they won’t get as big of a steal as they did at No. 27 a year ago with Aidan Miller, the Phillies could go for the high school advantage once again. Schmidt and Mayfield would be tough to pass up, Gillen might possess the best hitting ability in high school, and Caldwell and the other shortstops could be in play.

Athletics – Gillen

Gillen has been zooming up the draft boards during the second half of this spring as scouts love his swing and some even see a future 60-shot tool here. The Phillies have been focused on high school talent since Brian Barber took over as scouting director and I see no reason to expect that to change with the early success his first round picks have had in the minors.

ESPN – Tommy White, 3B, LSU

If you are a college baseball fan, you may not know why the white lasted so long. He has a few potential landing spots among the top 20 picks, but most scouting directors think he’s going somewhere around here. He’s a good defender but not great at third base and still has much worse than average pursuit rates despite being super productive in college. Tommy Tanks seem to fit in perfectly with Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber And Nicolas Castellanos in Philadelphia’s lineup.