After making money, Lady tracks down ex-lover who is now married, offers to repay wife, leaked chats
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After making money, Lady tracks down ex-lover who is now married, offers to repay wife, leaked chats

  • A popular conversation between a rich Nigerian woman and her married ex-lover has left netizens shocked
  • The woman confessed that she still loved him and offered to pay his wife any amount so that she could leave
  • Internet users who entered the chat had different opinions about this situation, and many of them criticized the woman

A Nigerian woman has expressed her great desire to get back together with her ex-lover who got married six months ago.

The woman claimed that she had earned millions and was ready to give his wife any amount so that she could leave the marriage.

A woman returns to her ex-husband after earning money
Lady confesses her love to her ex-spouse. Photos: Chad Henning, Issa Bin Saleh AlKindy/Getty Images, Yourodogwu/X. The people depicted have no connection with the story. Photos for illustration purposes only.
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Lady confesses her love to her married ex

In a chat shared by @yourodogwu on the X app, the woman confessed that she was still in love with him even though he was married to someone else.

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She further claimed that the man’s wife was having an affair with the gym instructor, Raphael, and urged him to investigate.

In her words:

“I just want to let you know that I’m coming back to you. I can’t stop thinking about you. Since you left me, not a day goes by without thinking about you. I have money now Daniel. How much can I pay your wife to leave the marriage so we can get back together?” download?

“I’ll send you $20 million just to let you know I’m serious. I miss the way you deal with me. Your ex-wife has had enough and is cheating on you with gym instructor Raphael. I’m giving you 24 hours to track her down.”

In response, the married man declined the offer of money, but promised to investigate the allegations regarding his wife.

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Reactions when a lady tried to marry her ex

Nigerians have taken to the comments section to share their views on the situation.

Paweł Daniels said:

“This is a serious matter. Wahala is not over.”

Grasza reacted:

“Okay, this is crazy. I wonder how it turned out.”

Xarina said:

– I want to know what happened.

Therealsmoh said:

“Eh, a woman’s enemy is another woman.”

Anael said:

– I’m not allowed to laugh.

Omolede said:

“The child just bothers the man with stories about his wife and the gym instructor. The guy needs to investigate this, oh he will be very hard to ignore.”

Titan said:

“Mistakes men make. Even if my wife cheats, I won’t leave her to be with my ex. Even if I don’t feel like doing it. You better avoid your past.”

Ganar Ray reacted:

“My exes they know me well, no, it doesn’t matter if you are compatible with me, try this. I got broke and got out of it, you see the money, don’t be a person like me, you can catch the money. And if my wife is cheating, I’ll just talk to her about it, even if we end everything, I still won’t go back to my ex.

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Azeez Adams reacted:

“Be afraid of people.”

See the post below:

Cheating girlfriend confesses to her man

Meanwhile, previously reported that after cheating on her boyfriend who moved to Abuja, a woman slid into his DM to confess and promise never to do it again.

Her boyfriend, who was already planning to marry her this year, was very disappointed.