Phil Spencer Hints at Xbox Handheld: Is This Confirmation It’s Coming Soon?  : Technology: Technical times
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Phil Spencer Hints at Xbox Handheld: Is This Confirmation It’s Coming Soon? : Technology: Technical times

After missing the Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has dropped a new hint regarding the possibility of a handheld gaming console from Microsoft’s gaming department soon. This is considered the biggest hint yet behind the Xbox handheld console, and Spencer is known for his huge teasers in the past regarding the handheld console.

In his opinion, Spencer claimed that Xbox should also bring a portable console to the market, and this could be a confirmation that this will be the case soon.

Phil Spencer gives clues about Xbox Handheld

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In a new interview by IGN with Xbox’s top executive, Phil Spencer, numerous hints were made regarding an Xbox gaming console that could be in the works or under consideration by the company. Indeed, Spencer believed that the Xbox “should also have” a portable device, especially at this time when the console was growing in popularity.

The interview took place after the recent Xbox Game Showcase over the weekend, which was also supposed to be the event that would finally confirm the handheld, but it wasn’t.

However, Spencer clarified that the event was dedicated to his games, but also noted that there would be a time where he and Xbox could “talk more about the platform.”

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Is Xbox handheld confirmed?

Later in the interview, Spencer was asked about what an Xbox handheld would bring, whether it’s streaming games or local games, to which the Xbox boss claimed he wanted a “real handheld”, unlike the PlayStation portal.

Spencer revealed that he owns a Steam Deck, a ROG Ally and a Lenovo LEGION GO where he enjoys local access to games.

Xbox and portable games

In the big three of the video game world, Microsoft and Xbox are the only ones not to have a handheld computer in the past and even today, unlike Sony and Nintendo. For Sony, there is the recent PlayStation Portal which faced mixed reviews from gamers as it was only a mirror of the PS5, while Nintendo’s current Switch is one of the excellent devices available.

However, Xbox is reportedly already developing its version of a handheld gaming console that will compete with the other two big names in the industry, as well as other players in the market.

Xbox’s late interest in handhelds will also pit it against Valve’s Steam Deck, ASUS’ ROG Ally, Lenovo’s LEGION GO and more from Ayaneo.

Microsoft’s Xbox has yet to deliver the experience of a handheld gaming console, but rumors are swirling behind its plans, as well as development that’s already taking place under a huge veil of secrecy. That being said, Spencer has already hinted multiple times that Microsoft is poised to fix what it’s missing soon.

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