Taylor Zakhar Perez Worried About Joey King’s Weight Loss in ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’
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Taylor Zakhar Perez Worried About Joey King’s Weight Loss in ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’

While filming the Hulu miniseries “We Were the Lucky Ones,” actor Taylor Zakhar Perez became concerned about his friend and former co-star Joey King’s significant weight loss. Perez, who previously starred with King in the Netflix series “The Kissing Booth 2,” shared his concerns in an episode of Variety’s “Actors on Actors.”

“It was a difficult time,” Perez recalls. “I visited you on set during the cold January winter and seeing you were so thin, I had to ask, ‘Jo, are you okay?’ Because you’ve lost a lot of weight.’”

Joey King explained that the weight loss was intentional for her role in the film “We Were the Lucky Ones”, in which she plays Halina Kurc, a Jewish woman posing as an Aryan during World War II. The hero’s struggles with limited access to food during the war required King to undergo a significant physical transformation.

“I had to lose a lot of weight for the show because my character was living on rations during the war,” King explained. “We wanted to approach this story respectfully and realistically, even if it meant some discomfort for me. The responsibility to accurately present this story was enormous.”

“We Were the Lucky Ones,” based on Georgia Hunter’s 2017 book inspired by her family’s true experiences, tells the story of the Kurc family torn apart at the beginning of World War II. King’s commitment to the role reflects her dedication to bringing her character’s real-life struggles to life.

King described the filming process as one of her greatest achievements, despite the physical and emotional challenges. “Filming these emotional scenes was difficult, but it was an honor to play Halina Kurc, a wonderful human being,” she said.

The series also features a talented cast including Logan Lerman, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Amit Rahav, Hadas Yaron as Kurc’s siblings, and Lior Ashkenazi and Robin Weigert as their parents. All eight episodes of “We Were the Lucky Ones” premiered on Hulu on March 28, 2024.

Overall, Joey King’s weight loss for her role in “We Were the Lucky Ones” was a conscious and respectful choice intended to authentically portray her character’s struggles during World War II. Despite the challenges, King remains proud of her work and the opportunity to tell such an important story.