MK Party Youth League responds to Khumalo and recognizes Zuma as ‘rightful’ leader
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MK Party Youth League responds to Khumalo and recognizes Zuma as ‘rightful’ leader

uMkhonto we Sizwe Party Youth League (MKPYL) criticized and rejected expelled MK party leader Jabulani Khumaloin a statement that the party’s MPs would be present at the first meeting of parliament on Friday, saying it had merely recognized this Jakub Zuma as the “rightful leader” of the party.

The MK Party indicated that its 58 elected members, who are expected to take their seats in the National Assembly, would boycott and not attend the first meeting.

The party also instructed its representatives to urgently apply to the Constitutional Tribunal for an interdict on the postponement of the first meetings of the National Assembly and the National Council of Voivodeships, which are to be held on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Moreover, she wants the Constitutional Court to prohibit the swearing in of candidates nominated by the party as members of the National Assembly until the courts consider its complaints about the falsification of election results.

Khumalo said in a statement on Monday that the “alleged MK announcement,” which said parliament had not been constituted due to the absence of 58 MK party MPs, was “misleading as to law and, frankly, embarrassing.”

“The real leader of MK, being me, disagrees with this. When the 400 elected members were confirmed, the parliament had 400 members,” he explained.

Khumalo said that if any MKP MPs did not address parliament on Friday due to an “understandable fear of victimization” by Zuma and his “clique”, that would not in itself be a basis for Parliament to stop swearing at MPs and continue with its planned the case within the date chosen by the President of the Supreme Court Raymond Zondo.

On Monday, parliament said it had canceled all flights and accommodation for MK party members in light of the party’s announcement that its members would not be present at the first proceedings.

MKPYL said it firmly rejects Khumalo impersonating the party’s leader and added that it “will always protect and unwaveringly defend what is right and for the greater good, and that is President Zuma.”

The Youth League stressed that it has no place in it for “treacherous and deceitful” people who it claims claim to be party leaders “and yet can easily sell them for a full-grain Land Cruiser.”

“If only Khumalo and his weak-minded guardians and supporters would desist from their behavior and allow President Zuma to continue to bravely lead the party towards economic freedom in our lifetime,” MKPYL said.