No “straight” love between Morph and Wolverine: DeMayo
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No “straight” love between Morph and Wolverine: DeMayo

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X-Men ’97 creator, writer and EP Beau DeMayo has made it clear that he will not sit idly by and allow Morph’s love for Wolverine to be purified.

To avoid confusion? Morph has romantic feelings for Wolverine and confesses his love for him when Wolverine is near death after Magneto helps himself to Wolverine’s adamantium in the third chapter “Tolerance is Extinction”. How do we know this? Because the best person who could confirm this actually confirmed it: X-Men ’97 series creator, writer and executive producer Beau DeMayo – who also co-wrote this episode. And yet there are people who simply cannot imagine a non-binary character falling in love with an angry Canadian – so much so that they have chosen to ignore, second-guess, or paint over with their own hatred what DeMayo said is fact. Well, you can imagine that DeMayo wasn’t going to let the animated series fall victim to a “straight wash” without producing a thunderclap to explain everything.

X-Men '97X-Men '97
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“From the Bible to the script, Morph’s confession to Logan was always romantic. I talked about it openly and often during production. “To suggest otherwise, let alone deny the intentions of a queer writer-showrunner, is both offensive and sincere,” DeMayo wrote in the first of two tweets/xs addressing the issue. “Talking about representation and the importance of it and then opposing a black gay creator when he can become one of the only showrunners who is gay and black is just disingenuous.” Here’s a look at DeMayo’s posts:

Here’s a look back at DeMato’s tweet/x from May, confirming Morph’s romantic intentions:

X-Men ’97: Beau DeMayo, Brad Winderbaum on the future of the animated series

Previously, DeMayo explained his level of involvement in the show’s second season X-Men ’97. “I wrote a lot for Season 2. However, unlike Season 1, I will not be heavily involved in production, cast recording, design, editorial work, post, music, etc., nor will I be doing any production rewrites in connection with the series. creative vision for the show,” DeMayo wrote in response to tweet/x asking for updates (which you can check out below). “That’s why I said I can’t really talk about season two. However, I can’t wait to see the final product with you all once it airs. I have high hopes for him.” Soon after, Brad Winderbaumhead of animation, would reveal a few additional details EW during a profile interview focused on the season finale.

While the article confirmed that DeMayo would not return, Winderbaum noted, “We respect Beau’s ideas for season two,” while confirming that the show “will have a new head writer for season 3.” With that in mind, Winderbaum believes the return of episodic directors Emi Yonemura and Chase Conley could help maintain quality and consistency. “Much of the visual history of this show comes from him and our incredible directing team. Therefore, one may get the impression that we are dealing with a coherent voice. The mantra is the same, the goals are the same and the source material is the same. as long as that is our guiding principle, that is, we honor the comics and the original series, that is the heart of our creative pursuits,” Winderbaum added, noting that Castorena is “an amazing architect in his own right.”

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