Chris Packham grimly warns Springwatch viewers of heartbreaking scenes
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Chris Packham grimly warns Springwatch viewers of heartbreaking scenes

Springwatch star Chris Packham told viewers to brace themselves for disturbing scenes on the BBC show after he revealed precious bunting chicks were attacked by a snake

Springwatch star Chris Packham has told viewers to prepare for disturbing scenes on the BBC show(BBC)

Springwatch viewers were left “traumatized” on Monday after Chris Packham warned them the series would be “difficult to watch”.

The 63-year-old wildlife star appeared on the BBC show alongside Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams and Megan McCubbin, who is Chris’ stepdaughter. This wholesome series is one of the jewels in the Beeb’s crown. However, things weren’t so happy on Monday when the “Really Wild Show” star revealed that there had been a number of gruesome deaths.

Teasing the trauma, he explained that the precious bunting chicks had been attacked by a viper, proclaiming, “We are able to witness things that we are not always able to see. Some things are absolutely fascinating and it is our duty, of course, to report it all to you and show you what is really going on here. We tell you the whole truth.

Springwatch viewers have been left ‘traumatised’ after Chris Packham warned them the series would be ‘difficult to watch’(BBC)

“But sometimes the truth is quite hard to swallow. This is going to be a tough game, so if you’re feeling a little squeamish tonight, you might not want to find out what happened to our bunting.”

While playing a video of the four chicks and their mother, Chris said: “The four chicks were in a nest in the swamp, they were doing well and both adults came frequently with food. Here we see the female coming and I brought them some food, but look at this…

“A viper appears out of nowhere. The female, of course, immediately runs away and the snake bit the two cubs, clearly poisoning them as they froze almost immediately. They are either incapacitated or dead. It then moves and thinks about taking one of the young ones, grabs it by the head and once it has caught it, withdraws the dead young ones from the nest to a place where it will be easier to swallow them. It’s extraordinary.”

Just when viewers thought things couldn’t get any worse, Chris delivered more bad news, revealing that the snake unfortunately came back for a few seconds. He shared: “He doesn’t wait for the venom to take effect, he just pulls the chick alive from the back of the nest. It’s a grizzly watch, but it’s just amazing that we’re providing insight into its behavior.”

The precious bunting chicks were eaten alive(BBC)

While the naturalist continued to revel in the “extraordinary” nature of the footage, many fans at home were left “traumatized.” One of them turned to X and noted: “Video of vipers attacking baby birds. Fascinating. Gorylne. Sad. But the circle of life.” Another said: “I decided to leave the room,” before a third added: “Those poor chicks kidnapped by that snake. Brutal. It’s hard to watch.” Meanwhile, a fourth fan lamented: “Oh my God, these poor chicks!!!! #Springwatch @ChrisGPackham How could you destroy us like this? I’m traumatized. #springwatch.”