Popular AfreecaTV streamer admits that she is in a relationship with a married man
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Popular AfreecaTV streamer admits that she is in a relationship with a married man

A recent post in an online community featured a story that caught the attention of many people. On June 11, a post titled “Popular streamer AfreecaTV took my husband” was uploaded, detailing a woman’s disturbing experience with the popular streamer.

The author, called “AND,– she started by introducing herself:I am an ordinary housewife who doesn’t know much about AfreecaTV. I heard I could get help if I posted here, so I decided to write this post.

“A” continued to share her story: “My husband had an affair with an AfreecaTV streamer, which left me divorced in my thirties. Even though the streamer ruined my life, she brazenly claimed in her broadcast that downloading was not a crime and that paying a fine should put an end to it. She even said that having an affair with a married man is okay if she likes him, which makes me feel even more worried. She shamelessly tells viewers to hand over money if they want to date her, claiming that dating a pretty woman takes a lot of money.

To support her claims, “A” shared a short clip edited from one of the streamer’s videos, in which the streamer can be heard making such statements.

Describing her attempts to obtain an apology, “A” said: “I tried to contact her to receive a sincere apology but was completely ignored. Although she claims to have apologized in her stream, I have not received any calls from her as she appears to have blocked all my attempts to contact her. “

She further added, “Now I have to live with the label of a divorcee for the rest of my life, and the constant secondary damage caused by her programs makes me feel dark. It’s getting harder and harder to deal with every day.”

The streamer mentioned by “A” is Yoo Ji In. On June 8, Yoo Ji In posted a message on her channel’s bulletin board, but the details of the message were not included in the “A” post.

A message on Yoo Ji In’s bulletin board admitting to having an affair.

Yoo Ji In admitted to meeting her husband A and confessed that she had another affair with another viewer, identified as “B”.

Yoo Ji In claimed that when she found out about the affair, A’s husband threatened to reveal the infidelity on his own broadcast if she did not continue the relationship. Yoo Ji In stated that she felt forced to maintain a relationship with husband A and added that he also demanded money from her.

On the same day, husband A posted a response to the above thesis. He stated: “Yoo Ji In was the first to show interest, which led to our meetings. Even though I found out about her other affair, I forgave her. However, when our relationship deteriorated, we decided to end it. Yoo Ji In offered a settlement amount, which I agreed to. The remaining issues will be resolved legally

He also added: “By the way, even though I can make money again, telling my parents, “I got a divorce because I had an affair,” broke their hearts. I want her parents to know this: Your daughter accepted this settlement amount. Congratulations on becoming rich. I’ll call you soon!

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