“I told my sister her baby has a weird name – I’m worried her baby will be bullied.”
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“I told my sister her baby has a weird name – I’m worried her baby will be bullied.”

A woman sparked a debate on Reddit after expressing concerns about her sister’s choice of baby name, which she thought might be too unconventional.

The future aunt took to the social media platform to ask for advice regarding her younger sister Shaelyn’s decision to name her daughter. Baby names are often a source of contention, with some parents opting for uniqueness and eschewing popular choices.

In her post, the woman explained that Shaelyn, who is thrilled to become a mother, initially kept the baby’s name a secret but eventually revealed it to her family.

The baby name chosen is Araya Sunshine Heavenly Olivia, with Araya Sunshine as the first name and Heavenly Olivia as the middle name.

In the poster, she admitted that her first reaction was disbelief: “At first I thought she was joking, and she informed me that she was completely serious and that they had both set their hearts on this name since they found out they were having a girl,” reports ExpressUS.

She honestly advised her sister, saying, “I told her that she can name her baby whatever she wants, but she should consider that she is not only naming a baby, but is naming a human being who will eventually become an adult, and I think that this name would be quite strange for an adult.

Shaelyn didn’t like this comment and felt offended. In retaliation, she criticized Reddit user’s choice of names for her own daughters, Lillian and Madeline, calling them “basic, boring grandma names.”

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“I’m afraid that if my sister names her child by the name she chooses, the poor child will be bullied at least 10 times more than I was at school.”

This opinion was welcomed by most commentators, who agreed that the unusual name could cause abuse.

One commenter shared his thoughts: “This poor kid will be bullied for having a name like that. Not to mention the difficulty of finding a job when your application says “Araya Sunshine Heavenly Olivia.”

“Should someone be harassed/have their job opportunities restricted because of their name? Absolutely not. “However, research has repeatedly shown that children are bullied because of their unique names, and employers actually view such names negatively.”

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