Dad shares how he feeds a family of six for just $28 at the Cheesecake Factory
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Dad shares how he feeds a family of six for just $28 at the Cheesecake Factory

The family of six dined at The Cheesecake Factory on June 6 for just $28 and then shocked social media users with how much they tipped.

The Milehams, who post on TikTok under the username @glazedepoxy, shared a video of Josh’s dad talking to a server after enjoying a light dinner at a spot in Highland Village, Texas.

Before tipping the waiter, Josh asked what the waiter thought about the oddly low total price of a meal for six, to which he replied, “I don’t mind.”

The family, who often shows their followers how to eat cheaply on a budget, ordered a salad with grilled chicken and gluten-free fries.

First, Josh showed how he separated the protein in the salad from the vegetables, then served portions to his young children and wife, Callie. Then each family member took a handful of fries and ketchup.

Josh and Callie Mileham, known on TikTok as The Milehams, chatted with their server at The Cheesecake Factory after spending $28 on a meal for six

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Josh asked the waiter for six plates and “a lot of extra ranch” – and the meal came to just $28.04.

After finishing his meal, Josh surprised social media users by point-blank asking the waiter what he thought his tip should be.

The waiter responded honestly and said, “If you felt that I provided you with great service, I would like my tip to reflect your feeling of how I served you.”

He explained that he had seen other restaurant patrons do this trick in the past.

“I usually hire people who order lights for multiple people,” the waiter said.

“I don’t usually express opinions. I do it more based on who you are.

The waiter added that he usually tries to eat 20 percent of the total meal. He said, “Usually if they tip me that 20 percent, I like to think that’s a good middle ground.”

The receipt shows that $6.17 is the suggested tip for a waiter if someone wants to tip 22 percent, which the Mileham waiter thought was fair.

Josh asked the waiter what he thought was fair from a $28 meal. The waiter told Josh, “I like my tip to reflect how you felt about serving you.”
The family ordered a salad
The family ordered fries

After criticism online, the family posted a third video of the happy server on June 10 and revealed that they actually gave him a staggering $100 tip.

The waiter smiled from ear to ear and told the family it was “a pleasure taking care of them.”

“Our total was $28.04 and of course it shows different tips that would be appropriate and nice, but we tipped $100,” Callie said.

“Was amazing. Very attentive. Super nice. Great customer service.

Several social media users who were unaware of the $100 tip ridiculed the family of six for only spending $28 on food at the restaurant.

The Milehams posted a third TikTok video from their trip to the Cheesecake Factory, showing them tipping their server $100

“Man, this young man is humble! He deserved a $100 tip. I guarantee this young man will do well with his positive attitude,” the TikToker wrote.

The Milehams responded to other TikTokers’ comments and repeatedly urged them to watch another Cheesecake Factory video they had posted.

TikTokers also responded to another comment from someone who wrote that “paying employees well should be the company’s responsibility.”

This is 100 percent. We want to bless others, but as a corporation you should pay your employees, not us, the customers,” the Milehams wrote.