(suspicious store) reviews + scan report
1 min read (suspicious store) reviews + scan report

What is uses deceptive tactics to trick customers into placing an order and handing over money or sensitive personal information, making it a scam site.

The scammers behind promote the site and lure victims using spam emails and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. They use incredibly low prices and stolen product images to lure unsuspecting customers to this scam website.

Once victims place an order and provide payment information, fraudsters simply take the money and run, leaving customers with one of the following outcomes:

  1. Most often, orders remain unfulfilled and simply disappear after payment is processed, without causing anything to happen.
  2. Victims may receive cheap replicas made of poor quality materials that do not correspond to the original product descriptions, constituting fakes or inferior substitutes.
  3. In some cases, victims report receiving clearly used, damaged or otherwise tampered with items, which indicates that no new items are being shipped, which is the result of receiving used, damaged or tampered with items.
  4. Some orders arrive with products that are completely different from what was ordered, meaning the order is not accurate, leading to completely incorrect products being delivered.

In addition to selling counterfeit or out-of-stock goods, unscrupulously collects customers’ personal and financial information during checkout, including names, home addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and more. This information is likely being used or sold for nefarious purposes such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or sharing on dark marketplaces.