Riot is updating team slot allocations for the new international LoL event, MSI and Worlds
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Riot is updating team slot allocations for the new international LoL event, MSI and Worlds

In today’s extensive developer update, Riot Games provided exciting updates on the number of spots that will be made available to teams around the world on League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, World Championships and a new international event added at the beginning of the year.

According to Riot, a professional League the stage could move to five regions around the world as early as 2025, spanning the Americas, EMEA, LCK, LPL and APAC. To accommodate the new changes, team placements at all three upcoming events will be adjusted, which will have some implications for qualifying.

New international event venues in LoL Esports
More regions and one more event. Image via Riot Games

For example, Riot plans to send five teams to a new, unnamed international event, with only one spot per region. Since every major esports league will follow a unified split schedule in 2025, this could mean that the winner of the 2025 Winter Split will participate in this new tournament.

Globally, each region will play in three different splits for a total of three international events. On the other hand, MSI will allocate two spots to each region with a total of 10 teams, while the World Championship will feature 17 teams including the MSI champion, with the spot being awarded to the second region with the best performance in MSI, and later three places per region.

As the global landscape changes League, players, coaching staff and fans will have to adapt to a completely different format for the game they call home. Huge changes are coming to specific leagues like the LCS, CBLOL, and LLA, which are merging to form the Americas League.

Overall, fans should expect plenty of changes in 2025 and plenty of ways to enjoy the competition as these new teams collide on stage for the first time, especially during a new international event in the first quarter of the year.

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